I’m a book reviewer in Los Angeles. My blog is about books, writers, interviews, resources, and events for readers. I interview a variety of writers, from bestsellers to self publishers, who add value to community. Contact me if you feel your book is appropriate for the audience at my site.

I’m also the author of  The Brubury Tales and Gary, the Four-Eyed Fairy

LA Books Examiner

12 responses to “About

  1. Very interesting blog. I am looking forward to reading more.


  2. Very interesting. I don’t have time to read all but it is nice to have a glance to keep in touch with american culture.

  3. Hi – I would love to exchange blog interviews… check out my site, & contact me from there if interested: http://www.brummet.ca


  4. Hi Frank, I have published a book which would be suitable called “Apostrophe to Zenith A Book of Poems”. There are samples on my wordpress site + other stuff about me.

  5. Hey Mr. Mundo! This is Nathan Kross, the author of The Supervillain Sonnets. Can’t figure out any other way besides this to get in contact with you.

    I only had one thing to say anyway, and that was that I had been an admirer of your work well before you read mine, and so it was a special pleasure to find that you liked it. The Brubury Tales was one of the first books of poetry I discovered when I started working with Amazon KDP.

    I hope your writing meets with much success. I hope also that you always write.

  6. Sarah Jones

    Hi Frank,

    Great to meet you and your wife tonight. I just ordered your book on Amazon, and with handy-dandy Amazon Prime it should be on my doorstep by Saturday. Thanks for all the words of wisdom and inspiration.

    I look forward to your next reading in Pasadena (I’m bringing my mother-in-law with me).


    • Thank you so much, Sarah. I really appreciate your support. It was so much fun meeting you and writing together in the poetry class. I look forward to seeing you and your mother-in-law next month. I had a little bit of a cold brewing last night and I lost my voice after the reading. Yikes. But I should be okay in a few days. Nancy says hi!
      See ya soon,

      • Sarah,
        I hope you see this. The reading at PAsadena library on Saturday has been moved because of construction to 1671 E. COLORADO BLVD. ACROSS FROM PASADENA CITY COLLEGE (CROSS STREET BONNIE, PARKING IN REAR).
        I’ll try to contact you so you don’t go to the wrong place.
        Sorry for the inconvenience.

  7. sedkavia

    Hey I Am Doing A Report On You But Can Not Find Any Background Information On Your Life

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