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Frank Mundo Interviewed by Bulgarian Writer Ognian Georgiev

I had the honor of being interviewed by Ognian Georgiev, a writer from Bulgaria Today about my books, writing, reviewing and more.

Check it out here!


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Two New Interviews

Very exciting! I was interviewed twice this week about my books and my life. I’ve posted links to both if you want to check them out

First, I had a Q and A with Jess C Scott about writing, my favorite poets and my novel in verse, The Brubury Tales, which is now available on kindle. (The Brubury Tales made Amazon’s bestseller list #81 in the UK, #40 in Italy, #99 in Spain!)

And, on April 28th I was interviewed by Laura Lme and Cecilia Francisquini on the Verses In Motion Show on GetYourz Radio | Blog Talk Radio. It was recorded live and you can listen to it now.  In the interview I read an excerpt from The Brubury Tales and discussed the book, its inspiration and origin.

Here’s a link to some previous interviews I did with the Cypress Park branch of the LA Public Library and author Susan Whitfield

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Frank Mundo Interview with LA Public Library, Cypress Park

I was interviewed by the LA Public Library in Cypress Park. They invited me to read from The Brubury Tales on March 8th. Very exciting. check it out.

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Author Susan Whitfield Interviews Me, Frank Mundo, for Her Blog

Pretty cool. Author Susan Whitfield turns the tables and interviews me for her blog. Check it out –> here

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The Last Califórnio: interview with author Robert Sanábria

Robert Sanábria, a decorated retired Army lieutenant colonel, is a renowned sculptor and author living in Northern Virginia. Born in El Paso, Texas, he moved at age four with his mother and three siblings to Southern California. There, he spent the next 10 years growing up in a Methodist Church sponsored orphanage for Latino children.
A professional sculptor, Sanábria has created 25 major commissions for municipal projects, religious institutions, and commercial and private collectors. His artistic works are included in the permanent collections of 12 museums, synagogues, universities, and public spaces. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Maryland.
Sanábria is also the author of two LA-based books: Stewing in the Melting Pot: The Memoir of a Real American and the new thriller The Last Califórnio, which he discusses in detail in the revealing interview below.
About the Book
The idea for the book came from the research for Sanabria’s memoir Stewing in the Melting Pot: the Memoir of a Real American. In The Last Califórnio, Mexican journalist Gar Montalvo tries to expose a corrupt government minister after he discovers the minister ordered the murders of Gar’s family. Unfortunately, he becomes a target and flees across the Rio Grande and into the United States as an undocumented immigrant. Gar heads to Los Angeles, where he unveils his heritage of land and becomes involved in a high-stakes game of politics and an unexpected love affair with a beautiful paralegal named Eva Munoz.
The Last Califórnioby Robert Sanábria can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BetterWorldBooks, Diablo Rosso, Foyles Bookshop, and Powell’s Books.

Visit LA Books Examiner to read Q and A with Robert Sanabria:

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Frank Mundo is the author of The Brubury Tales (foreword by Carolyn See), which is available on, Barnes & Noble and Borders in paperback and in eBook. The Brubury Tales won Reader View’s 2011 Reviewer’s Choice Award for Poetry Book of the Year and The 2011 Bookhitch Award for Most Innovative Poetry Book of the Year.

LA Books Examiner’s Author Interview Series

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Meet Deborah Harkness Bestselling Author of A Discovery of Witches and Read Excerpt from Her Book

Deborah Harkness, professor of history at the University of Southern California and bestselling author of A Discovery of Witches, will be reading and signing her book Monday February 21 at the Borders Bookstore in Torrance at 7pm. The address is 3700 Torrance Blvd. Torrance.

About the Author
Deborah Harkness has received Fulbright, Guggenheim, and National Humanities Center fellowships, and her most recent scholarly work is The Jewel HouseElizabethan London and the Scientific Revolution. She also writes an award-winning wine blog, . Learn more about Deborah Harkness online at  

About the Book
Equal parts history and magic, romance and suspense, A Discovery of Witches is a mesmerizing and addictive read that Angelology author, Danielle Trussoni, calls “a strange and wonderful novel of forbidden love and ancient spells that turns every preconception about magic on its head.” 

A Discovery of Witches begins on a late September afternoon when Diana Bishop, a bright, young historian studying amidst the ancient stacks of Oxford ’s Bodleian library, calls up a medieval manuscript of alchemical illustrations.  As soon as she picks it up Diana realizes that the book—Ashmole 782—is an enchanted object of untold power.  As it turns out, Diana is not only a first-rate scholar of seventeenth- century chemistry but also a descendant of a long and distinguished line…of witches.  She’s spent her adult life distancing herself from her supernatural destiny, and after a quick look at Ashmole 782 she sends the book back to the stacks and her magical history with it.

However, Diana isn’t the only one who has noticed that the manuscript has resurfaced, and her discovery immediately sets the fantastical underworld stirring.  It soon becomes apparent that Ashmole 782 is a coveted treasure that’s been lost for centuries and Diana is the first and only being that has met the terms of its spell.  Soon she finds herself beset by members of all three magical species—daemons, witches, and vampires—who swarm upon Oxford , seeking the text.  She finds a crucial ally in Matthew Clairmont, a dashing geneticist and a vampire, whose preeminence in his field has been achieved after years upon years upon years of study.  The two team up to battle the forces rallying against them to unlock the secrets of a manuscript whose pages promise clues to a mysterious past and uncertain future.

Learn more about A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness and read an exclusive excerpt of her book at Frank Mundo’s LA Books Examiner.  

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Frank Mundo is the author of The Brubury Tales (foreword by Carolyn See), which is available on in paperback and in eBook. The Brubury Tales is a finalist for Reader View’s 2011 Reviewer’s Choice Award for poetry.

LA Books Examiner’s Author Interview Series

LA Books Examiner’s Five Favorite Books Feature

LA Books Examiner’s Pause for Poetry Profiles

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The Lake of Dreams: Interview with bestselling author Kim Edwards

Kim Edward’s debut novel, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, was a huge hit, a #1 New York Times bestseller that challenged and entertained millions of readers around the world – especially the LA Books Examiner.

Intrigued by the book’s horrifying premise (a 60’s-era doctor delivering his own twins decides to give away one of his newborns with Down syndrome and tells his wife their daughter has died) I was quickly caught up in the devastating consequences of the doctor’s actions and ended up, thoroughly impressed with the author’s decisions throughout the book, devouring this literary page-turner in one sitting.

Well, I’m pleased to announce that Kim Edwards is back with a new book called The Lake of Dreams, another complex family drama that I look forward to reading.

According to Edwards The Lake of Dreams is “the story of Lucy Jarrett and her discovery of a hidden past, glimpsed first through fragments of old letters and traces left in stained glass windows. Lucy’s quest through the artifacts of history brings her face to face with the dynamics she fled the summer after her father drowned; it compels her to make an inward journey, too, one that will alter her understanding of herself and change the course of her life.”

On Monday, January 24th at 7 p.m., Kim Edwards will be reading and signing her latest book The Lake of Dreams at

Borders Bookstore in Torrance
3700 Torrance Blvd.
(310) 540-7000

In the meantime, check out my revealing interview with bestselling author Kim Edwards at Frank Mundo’s LA Books Examiner.

The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards (Viking Adult; January 4, 2011, 400 pages).

Read more great author interviews from Frank Mundo, the LA Books Examiner.

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Frank Mundo is the author of The Brubury Tales (foreword by Carolyn See).

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