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Stories to live by Reviews Gary, the Four-Eyed Fairy and Other Stories

I was pleased to learn that the Stories to live by blog on wordpress has reviewed my short story collection, Gary, the Four-Eyed Fairy & Other Stories. Here’s a bit of it:

“Gary, the Four-Eyed Fairy and other stories by Frank Mundo is a collection of short stories that give insight to various stages in the life of a man named J.T. Glass. J.T. is a security guard with a sharp tongue, wild imagination, a wicked and sometimes dark sense of humor and has an interesting way of looking at life…

There are twelve parts to this book (one is of bonus material) and each one tells us a different story…”

Please visit storiestoliveby and check it out if you have a minute. Like it, share it, comment on it. I appreciate your support.

Gary, the Four-Eyed Fairy and Other Stories is available in paperback at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, for kindle and the Nook, Kobo, iTunes and Smashwords. If you like short stories in the general fiction genre, check it out. Or read some of the reviews on Amazon or Goodreads. It has nothing to do with fairies. I promise — not that there’s anything wrong with that. The title is simply an unfortunate nickname given to one of the characters by bullies when he was in high school.

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Gary the Four Eyed Fairy and Other Stories

Yay. My new book Gary the Four-Eyed Fairy and Other Stories received another 5-star review today on Amazon. The review also helped the book crack Amazon’s 100 top-ranked short story collections at #89. Very exciting.

5.0 out of 5 stars: A Literary Achievement!

I just finished, Gary, the Four-Eyed Fairy and think it’s brilliant. It is literary genius! Although written with a fair amount of humor, the stories within these pages have a chilling darkness to them that compel us to stop and think about life…the many decisions we must face when growing up, chances that are lost, and paths we take that have life-changing consequences.
These stories are deftly penned, precisely edited and, for me anyway, profoundly thought-provoking. Kudos and praise to this man’s story-telling abilities. I am in awe.


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A Day at the Beach: In Memory of Joe Mundo

A short story that I wrote for my late brother, Joe Mundo,  was published today at The Journal of Cultural Conversation. It’s just one of many creative and cathardic projects my mother and I are doing together to address my brother’s death in positive ways.

My goal with this site and LA Books Examiner is to create a kind of literary world of which I’d like to be a part. Normally I write about books and poetry and authors and how these things and people affect our community, lives and our writing. This story I wrote is a little different than that, but the goal is the same. I hope you will take a few minutes to read the story and share in this goal.

The story is called A Day at the Beach and is available at the Journal of Cultural Conversation.

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