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New Poem Published Today at Beautiful Losers Magazine

I’m super excited to report that my poem, “Excuse Me,” was published today at Beautiful Losers Magazine. A friend of mine said my poems were getting a little intense lately, and that it was time to bring back the humor. So, check out my humorous take on making excuses.

Excuse Me .

I’m so grateful to Beautiful Losers Magazine and Richard Gibney for publishing the piece. This is my second poem placed there. The first was “The Upsell Artist,” another funny poem that addresses how often men think about sex.

I haven’t posted a lot since my first chapbook Touched by an Anglo was published, but I’ve been working on a lot of new poems, so be on the lookout for more posts from me this year!

Keep reading and keep writing.

My other books.

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New Poetry Chapbook by Frank Mundo Released Today by Kattywompus Press

I’m happy to announce that my new poetry chapbook, “Touched by an Anglo,” was officially released today by Kattywompus Press. 

The chapbook is a collection of 26 poems written and published over the last three years. 

Grab your copy today at kattywompuspress.com.

“Frank Mundo, author of the widely published essay, “How I Became a Mexican,” wields a knife you’ve seen, straight out of the kitchen drawer but somehow sharper than you remember, to carve the everyday tragedy and comedy of life right down to the bone. Mundo spares neither our sense of horror nor our funny bone, with poems that speak from the page like your childhood best friend peering over your shoulder.”

My other books, The Brubury Tales, Gary, the Four-Eyed Fairy and Other Stories, and Different are available in paperback or for Kindle at Amazon.com

Thank you for your support!!!! 

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