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New Poetry Chapbook by Frank Mundo Released Today by Kattywompus Press

I’m happy to announce that my new poetry chapbook, “Touched by an Anglo,” was officially released today by Kattywompus Press. 

The chapbook is a collection of 26 poems written and published over the last three years. 

Grab your copy today at kattywompuspress.com.

“Frank Mundo, author of the widely published essay, “How I Became a Mexican,” wields a knife you’ve seen, straight out of the kitchen drawer but somehow sharper than you remember, to carve the everyday tragedy and comedy of life right down to the bone. Mundo spares neither our sense of horror nor our funny bone, with poems that speak from the page like your childhood best friend peering over your shoulder.”

My other books, The Brubury Tales, Gary, the Four-Eyed Fairy and Other Stories, and Different are available in paperback or for Kindle at Amazon.com

Thank you for your support!!!! 

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Keeping Hollywood Straight: Interview with Author Dr. Drew

Red Carpet Posture by Dr. Paul DrewWe’ve all heard it before. To be successful, you have to dress the part, right?

Wrong, says Dr. Paul Drew, a clinical doctor of physical therapy and a kinesiologist that specializes in helping his clientele obtain the perfect posture.

Dr. Drew believes that posture is the ultimate fashion statement. “It doesn’t matter if you are wearing the best dress from the top designer if you have bad posture,” he says. Good posture “expresses that you are confident and to be respected.” For years Dr. Drew has noticed a trend of slumping celebs and slouching sports stars whose poor posture in public is now being emulated by young teens and adults alike. This was not the case in the glory days of Hollywood, he says, when celebrities presented themselves with great posture, making them stand out as truly glamorous stars.

Dr. Drew is on a mission to reverse the current trend of bad posture. He has worked with a long list of celebrities, actors, musicians, and professional sports stars, and now he wants to work with you. To straighten things out, he has written a new book called Red Carpet Posture to help all people, in all walks of life, improve their health, function, and appearance. Dr. Drew will also be launching retail clothing outlets in the US later this year stocked with fashions to help keep you on the straight and narrow. Red Carpet Posture is available at amazon.com and redcarpetposture.com.

I had a chance recently to talk with Dr. Drew and I had a few questions for him:

Read the full interview here, and see the slideshow of celebs with poor posture.

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