Merry Christmas, Mr. Hemingway

Rumrazor Press

This poem was originally published and featured by Rick Lupert in the Poetry Superhighway website and then consequently in my second book, LONG. I try to repost and reprint the poem every year at around this time. Enjoy. – Angel Uriel Perales

Merry Christmas, Mr. Hemingway

So the writer steps
out unto the curb
to kindle a lung
in the city of lights,

not Paris, never Paris,

just another urban vanity
in the endless series of
conscious similarities.

Well, maybe Paris
seen in the dull sheen
of seasonal gloom,

handmade toys and
silken scarves,

festive boughs
sagging over
speckled streets of
honking cars,

a fine gray mist
envelops eyesight,

pantyhose perception,

fogged-up lenses
suffocate a viscid
postcard vision

of electric Christmas
trees glimmering and
sparkling on windowsills
and rooftops like numerous
sprinkled tiny Eiffel towers.

don’t believe,
maybe this Paris
is my Paris or yours

truly, the sidewalks

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