12 New Poems by Frank Mundo

Not all of my poems are epic 65,000+ words long like my book The Brubury Tales, a modern version of The Canterbury Tales set in Los Angeles just after the 1992 riots.

The Brubury Tales in Paperback on Amazon |  The Brubury Tales ebook for Kindle | Book Trailer

Here’s a few of my other much shorter poems published recently:

  1. re: Your brother
    by Frank Mundo
    Lowestoft Chronicle
  2. Elegy for David Jones
    by Frank Mundo
    Lowestoft Chronicle
  3. The White Rabbit Out of Hiding (a sonnet)
    by Frank Mundo
    Silver Birch Press: Me As A Child Series
  4. This Your Romeo and His Oubliette
    by Frank Mundo
    Yay! LA Magazine
  5. Staying Still
    by Frank Mundo
    3Elements Literary Review
    Page 54 and 55
  6. Sound Advice
    by Frank Mundo
    Spectrum: an Anthology of Southern Californian Poets
  7. Notes to Self on Valentines Day (2 sonnets)
    by Frank Mundo
    Men in the Company of Women: A Provocative Anthology of Praise and Persuasion
  8. It Takes Two Seconds
    by Frank Mundo
    The Bicycle Review #23
  9. Aubade
    by Frank Mundo
    Coming Soon (November 2015)
    Poetic Diversity
  10. Love Conditions and Love’s Condition (two poems)
    by Frank Mundo
    Then & Now: Anthology coming soon (2016) from Sadie Girl Press

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