The Brubury Tales on MP3…and the Bestsellers List

Earlier this year, I won a spoken word poetry contest at The Rapp Saloon in Santa Monica hosted by Don Kingfisher Campbell. The prize was time in the recording studio with producer Barry Schwam to record from my work.

Well, here it is, Selections from The Brubury Tales, which includes Five sections of The Brubury Tales read by me — about 45 minutes of material!

And I’m pleased to report that Selections from The Brubury Tales is still hanging in there at #88 (but falling quickly) on Amazon’s best selling spoken word poetry albums list (it reached #5 yesterday).

Download the MP3 now before it falls off for good

The Brubury Tales is a modern version of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales in Los Angeles just after the 1992 riots. Also available in paperback and for kindle at Amazon.

Coming soon for Nook.

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