International Bestselling Author Mark Alpert Shares the First Chapter of The Omega Theory

International bestselling author Mark Alpert is a self-described lifelong “science geek,” who majored in astrophysics at Princeton, earned an MFA in poetry from Columbia University, and is a contributing editor at Scientific American, where he simplifies bewildering scientific ideas for the magazine’s readers.

Alpert burst onto the scene with his first novel, Final Theory, in 2008, which The New York Times called  “ingenious” and said it was “the work of an expert with a pertinent skill.”

Alpert firmly establishes himself as a master of the technological thriller (think Michael Crichton) in his latest installment, THE OMEGA THEORY: A Novel, the highly anticipated second thriller, with even more cutting-edge science, action, and suspense.

But don’t take my word for it. Read the first chapter of The Omega Theory by Mark Alpert at LA Books Examiner and see for yourself.

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