Golden State: Meet Author David Prybil and Read an Excerpt from his Book

About the Author:
The LA Books Examiner is pleased to introduce local author David Prybil, Barnes and Noble Rising Star Award Winner, who has generously shared an excerpt from his fresh and entertaining debut novel Golden State. David is a writer-producer with 15 years of experience in the film business and credits as a producer on such well-received films as Saved! (for MGM) and Dancer, Texas (for Sony Pictures). A former creative executive and production company president, he is a graduate of The University of Michigan, with a JD/MBA from Indiana University.

David lives with his wife and two young sons in Los Angeles, CA. This is his first novel.

Golden State by David Prybil is available in hardcover, paperback and eBook at Amazon, iUniverse, Barnes and Noble and

About the Book:
Two months after announcing his candidacy for Governor of California – Arnold Schwarzenegger won! This is the stage that Barnes and Noble Rising Star Award Winner David Prybil sets for his cast of characters, most of whom had great expectations based not only on Schwarzenegger’s campaign promises, but also the action hero’s ability to save the day in most of his movies.

They include: 

Missy Carver, a realtor who is determined to find Arnold his “Sacramento dream estate” and secure the partnership she’s sure will make her feel complete. 

Spencer Brine, a depressed obituarist whose star-crossed love for a local stripper provides him the inspiration for an unlikely rise through the paper’s ranks. 

Widower Todd Tisdale, lost in former glories, who pins his hopes for saving his struggling tuxedo shop on befriending Arnold, no matter what it takes.

Rowena Pickett, a directionless tanning salon employee who only wants to be loved—even if it’s by an Alzheimer-afflicted mother who can barely remember her name, or a prison inmate pen pal she can’t touch.

As these characters’ lives intersect, often in unexpectedly fateful ways, David Prybil’s darkly humorous work examines both the rough underbelly of dashed hopes and the enduring power of the American Dream.

On the coattails of Schwarzenegger’s departure from office, this is the perfect time to read Prybil’s fiction-based-on-fact story.  California is beginning a new chapter as Jerry Brown steps in as Governor, and it is important now more than ever to recognize that California is a community.  Its members are bound by incredible connections and David Prybil’s work serves as vivid reminder of this.

Read an excerpt from Golden State by David Prybil at Frank Mundo’s LA Books Examiner.


Golden State by David Prybil is available in hardcover, paperback and eBook at Amazon, iUniverse, Barnes and Noble and

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