Grief Transformation: Writing and Reading as Therapy

Last week I was a guest on the Living on the Edge BlogTalk Radio show with Andrea Hylen. The episode was called Grief Transformation: Writing and Reading as Therapy.

Host: Andrea Hylen
Guest: Frank Mundo
12/30/2010 5:00 PM – 1 hr

Click here to listen to recorded show

Frank Mundo is a writer and book reviewer LA Books Examiner and the NY Journal of Books and the author of The Brubury Tales. Over the last 17 years Frank has written and published hundreds of stories, articles, essays, poems, book reviews and anthologies. And while Frank’s career clearly reflects his lifelong passions, reading and writing, it wasn’t until his brother’s death just over a year ago that he realized that these activities were more than simply a means of self expression and his personal and artistic goals. They also served as tools to address the challenges of life, expressing emotions and communicating with family and close friends. “The Brubury Tales is a landmark book, in what is going to be — and already is — an exceptional, distinguished literary career.” – Carolyn See, Friday-morning book reviewer for The Washington Post and The LA Times, and bestselling author of Handyman and There Will Never Be Another You. 5 Stars: “A fine collection and not one to be missed” – Midwest Book Reviews 5 Stars: “Poetry, for the modern poetry reader, can teeter on tedious and sing-songy, sometimes disengaging the reader from the subject, but this is not the case here. Frank Mundo’s skill is astounding and has a natural cadence. These stories are intriguing and compellingly human, and soon enough the reading becomes listening.”


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