The Brubury Tales gets a 5 star review from The Sacramento Book Review

I’m so excited. My new  book The Brubury Tales got a great review from The Sacramento Book Review. Yay.

“5 stars: This piece of art is in honor of The Canterbury Tales with a remarkable twist.” Sky Sanchez for The Sacramento Book Review.

“In the original, a fleet of pilgrims travel together on a voyage participating in a story-telling contest; in Mundo’s we are dropped into the highly sensitized streets of Los Angeles after the riots. The competitive storytelling is swapped between seven security guards on night watch. The stakes? Christmas vacation time. Translated into today’s culture and language, written completely in verse (!), are the classic stories of such greats as Twain, Dickens, and Boccaccio, among many others.

Verse poetry, for the modern poetry reader, can teeter on tedious and sing-songy, sometimes disengaging the reader from the subject, but this is not the case here. His skill is astounding and has a natural cadence. These stories are intriguing and compellingly human, and soon enough the reading becomes listening.”

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Here are some more great reviews of The Brubury Tales

“The Brubury Tales [by Frank Mundo] is a landmark book, in what is going to be — and already is — an exceptional, distinguished literary career.”

Carolyn See, the Friday-morning book reviewer for the Washington Post and bestselling author of Handyman and There Will Never Be Another You.

5 Stars: A fine collection and not one to be missed – Midwest Book Reviews

“Through history, things again and again repeat, and the tale of a millennia ago rings much of the tale today. “The Brubury Tales” is a collection of short stories of the format of seven security guards exchanging stories to passing the time after the Los Angeles riots. With inspiration from many literary classics and plenty of original spin, “The Brubury Tales” is a fine collection and not one to be missed.”

5 stars: A brilliant blend of classical short stories – Richard Blake for Reader Views

“Mundo has captured the illusiveness that accompanies the familiar guarded attempt at intimacy. He understands there is a hesitancy to become vulnerable and completely honest when seeking friendships. Frank also provides insight into self-discovery and self-understanding.

This is a book that will entice the uninitiated to pursue reading the genuine classic stories that inspired “The Brubury Tales.” Readers of the classics will re-live the originals as they become addicted to Mundo’s amazing and unique narrative.

Frank Mundo, already an award winning author is well on his way to gaining recognition as an established literary writer. “Brubury Tales” is a brilliant blend of writing, combining the style of Chaucer while putting a new slant on the short stories of the classical writers.”

5 Stars: Morgan St. James, author “The more I got into the rhythm of Frank’s brilliantly written poetry, the more I enjoyed it and felt compelled to keep reading. By the time I was at the middle of the book, I was completely in step with the difference between reading prose and poetry. The meat of the stories had a familiar ring and with good reason. They were updated versions of stories by Dostoevsky, Dickens, Boccaccio, O Henry, Poe, Twain, Gilman, Crane, Saki, Anderson, Bierce, and even Khayyam’s Rubaiyat, all told in Frank’s unique style.

As someone who would not ordinarily select a book completely written in poetry, I can say I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Somehow the mind takes off in a different direction than when reading prose. It is a rhythmic, comforting way to become immersed in the story and I can recommend this book to both lovers of poetic works and those who have yet to take the plunge.”

5 Stars: The Brubury Tales is a unique and powerful new book — Laura Frazin-Steele, LA Books Examiner
The Brubury Tales reflects Frank Mundo’s clear and honest voice along with his prosaic writing style. Frank takes risks with his writing, which is sensitive, thoughtful, and gritty….Frank Mundo’s security guards share their suspicions, and they show us their raw and innermost feelings. They also leave us with a sense of hope.

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