Pause for Poetry: A Reading of “Night Mistress” by David J. Delaney

This week’s edition of Pause for Poetry focuses on Australian poet David J. Delaney and his poem “Night Mistress” read by renowned Australian documentary film maker Don Featherstone.

Delaney describes his work as Australian rhyming bush poetry. I call it good, old-fashioned storytelling. But whatever you call it, the clear descriptions and images of Delaney’s work provides a powerful insight into lives and experiences he records in Australia’s vast and beautiful outback, with a musical rhyming poetry that is always contemporary and never forced.

What’s also interesting about Delaney is the fact that he left school at the age of 15 and has no formal education in writing. His work is completely inspired by memories and stories and springs entirely from his passion for life and his love of family, friends and his colleagues. If nothing else, his work demonstrates that a degree in literature is not required in order to read, write and enjoy poetry.

With this in mind, let’s all hit the Pause buttons on our lives for a few minutes and watch this creative and stirring video reading of “Night Mistress” written by David J. Delaney and produced by The Redroom Company in Sydney.

Watch video at Frank Mundo’s LA Books Examiner.

Frank Mundo is the author of the poetry book The Brubury Tales.


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One response to “Pause for Poetry: A Reading of “Night Mistress” by David J. Delaney

  1. G’day Frank, I think I 1st posted this in the wrong place LOL!!…mate love your blog, well done eh! book ‘Out of Australia’ has finaly been released & available from Amazon, Barnes Noble etc. there are 2 version, colour & black & white.

    Your Aussie mate.


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