Cobalt Café hosts an open mic poetry event plus featured poet Judi Smolker

The Hollywood Institute of Poetics presents Judi Smolker at The Cobalt CafeHollywood Institute of Poetics presents an open mic reading tonight with featured poet Judi Smolker at The Cobalt Café, 22047 Sherman Way, west of Topanga Canyon Blvd., Canoga Park.

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010
One drink minimum (no alcohol).
Sign up 8:30-8:45 p.m.,
Reading 9:00 p.m.
(818) 348-3789.

This event is part of the weekly reading series held every Tuesday night at The Cobalt Café in Canoga Park. Hosted since 1994 by Los Angeles poet Rick Lupert, author of a new book of poetry called We Put Things in Our Mouth, this event represents the best of our literary culture in Los Angeles and truly deserves our support and participation. Whether you plan to read your work during the open mic or just enjoy the work of other LA poets, it’s a great way to spend a Tuesday night.

To learn more about the reading series at The Cobalt Café, including directions, a calendar of events, its newsletter and other links for poets and writers, visit

About the Featured Poet
Judi Smolker is an up-and-coming LA poet who studies Anthropology at UCLA. She has been a featured poet at Velvet Guerilla and Down Home. She is influenced by confessional poetry, the beats, Dorothy Parker, Cesar Vallejo and Rumi. Ms. Smolker attempts to use poetry as a platform for discourse and the construction of truth, in the sense of Focault. She wants to create the world. Then, she wants to take it apart to understand it better. Then, recreate it from the deconstructed pieces of the original creation. Then, repeat indefinitely. Oh, and the whole cycle of creation and deconstruction through poetry should be beautiful in every iteration. Judi’s blog can be read at
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