Jackson and Jenks, Master Magicians: Interview with actor and author Dan Frischman

If you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend with your kids, get out of the rain and head down to Barnes & Nobles at The Grove in Los Angeles this Saturday, February 6th, 2 p.m., for a free magic show and book signing you and your kids can enjoy together.

Actor and author Dan Frischman (“Head of the Class,” “Kenan & Kel”) performs a free half-hour magic show and signs his book Jackson and Jenks, Master Magicians at Barnes & Noble (The Grove) 189 The Grove Drive, Los Angeles. 2 p.m. (323) 525-0270.

About the Book:
Jackson and Jenks, Master Magicians by Dan Frischman at LA Books ExaminerBest friends Darren Jackson and Jamie Jenks are struggling to become a famous 15-year-old magic duo. The only problem: their tricks always fail, and they sadly lay claim to being the worst magicians ever. But that’s about to change when a trip to a thrift shop leads them to a mysterious force which turns Jamie into a real magician. What follows are the hilarious and magical adventures of Jackson and Jenks, Master Magicians, a book your pre-teens and teens will really enjoy.

You can order copies of Jackson and Jenks, Master Magicians here. To learn more about author and actor Dan Frischman, visit his website: www.danfrischman.com.

I had the chance recently to talk to Dan Frischman about his book and his life. Please take a few more minutes to read the interview at LA Books Examiner.


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