Bipolar Bare: an Interview with Author Carlton Davis

Frank Mundo Carlton Davis LA Books ExaminerCarlton Davis was born in Rochester, New York, one year prior to the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. He attended public schools in Corning, New York, and Lexington, Massachusetts, and preparatory school in Western Massachusetts before earning a Diploma in Architecture from the University of London and Masters of Architecture from Yale University.

It’s during this time that Carlton Davis would discover, besides architecture, the many passions that would fuel his remarkable life: reading, writing, art, travel, and teaching. It’s also during this time that Davis would begin displaying symptoms of Bipolar Disorder, a powerful and debilitating mental disorder that, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, affects some 5.7 million American adults, or about 2.6 percent of the U.S. population age 18 and older in a given year – with the median age of onset of 25 years.

With this mind, the LA Books Examiner highly recommends Bipolar Bare: My Life’s Journey with Mental Disorder, a memoir by Carlton Davis. An Indie Excellence Book Awards Finalist, Bipolar Bare is the true story of Davis’ life-long battle with this disorder – from its rise, progression and, most importantly, its resolution.

Based in part on 23 journals Davis kept over the years and five long years of writing and rewriting, Bipolar Bare is a labor of love with an interesting dual perspective: his own and what he calls his alter ego’s: Carlotta, a female muse who Davis describes as a “wraithlike observer, sage commentator, and humorous provocateur.” The division, Davis says, parallels the feeling that he had two people inhabiting his body. Writing the book allowed him not only to put his demons to rest, but Davis believes this book can help others “by providing a road map of one man’s journey from ignorance and denial to insight and acceptance of mental illness.”

Read the full review and interview at LA Books Examiner, where I’ve interviewed 25 authors this year.


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