CyberKill: an Interview with bestselling author Frank Fiore

Frank Fiore, author of CyberKill

Frank Fiore, author of CyberKill

We end New Voices Month with fiction writer Frank Fiore, author of the entertaining new techno-thriller CyberKill.

 In CyberKill, a brilliant programmer named Travis Cole inadvertently creates Dorian, an artificial intelligence that lives on the Internet. After Cole attempts to terminate his creation, Dorian turns to cyber-terrorism that not only threatens his young daughter, but could even destroy all of humanity. Fans of Tom Clancy, James Patterson and Clive Cussler will enjoy this entertaining “virtual update” on the Prometheus/Frankenstein myth.
What’s unique about Frank Fiore is that he is a best-selling nonfiction author with more than 50,000 books in print in several different languages. Despite his success in nonfiction writing, however, Frank’s goal since high school has been to become a successful novelist. And with his unique combination of writing and business experience, I think Frank has a major advantage over other first-time fiction writers.
To learn more about Frank Fiore and CyberKill, visit his website CyberKill is available at or you can buy it here.
I had the chance to meet up with Frank recently and ask him a few questions about his book and his life. Please take a few more minutes to check out the cool video trailer for CyberKill below as well as my final interview with Frank Fiore for New Voices Month. 

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