Driven: Interview with Author Chris Treece

Photo courtesy of Chris Treece

Photo courtesy of Chris Treece

September is New Voices Month at the LA Books Examiner. For the last few months, I intentionally sought out four unique new voices to share with the community this month, two nonfiction and two fiction authors, whose personal stories are as fascinating as their writing.


Up first is former University of Tennessee football player turned author Chris Treece. On the surface, Treece is one of these lucky people who everything he touches turns to gold. He’s found success in sports, in business, in consulting, and in his personal life – he even hosts two radio shows. He’s lucky. He’s blessed. He’s just one of those people, right?
Wrong. In his new book Driven, Treece reveals the truth: that the “success” part of a true success story is something one earns – not overnight — but through hard work, drive, passion, and the willingness to face and overcome obstacles and adversity – a great message in today’s tougher political and economic climate. And the perfect gift for your friends, family, and business partners this holiday season.
Sure, Treece is not Shakespeare, and he’s not going to dazzle you with fancy writing – that’s not what he’s about. Instead, he shares his real-life experiences along with practical strategies for finding yourself, your passions, and the path to your own personal success. Unlike other books designed simply to motivate, Driven provides actual checklists and to-do lists that inspire the kind of action that gets real results for Treece’s clients and students.
These days Chris Treece runs a very successful Marketing and Consulting firm that helps reinvent existing businesses. What I really like about Treece is that he’s an educator now who uses his knowledge and experience to help those seeking to start new ventures of their own, sharing what he calls “The Treece Advantage.”  
You can purchase a copy of Driven by Chris Treece at his website, where you can also learn more about Treece, his business, his services, and his radio shows.
Driven by Chris Treece LA Books Examiner Frank MundoI had the chance to meet up with Chris Treece recently and ask him a few questions about his book and his life. Please take a few more minutes to check out the interview – and be sure to visit the LA Books Examiner every week this month for more New Voices.

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