Briefs from the Reading Room: Interview with Author Dan Marvin

Briefs for the Reading Room by Dan Marvin

Briefs for the Reading Room by Dan Marvin

Not every book is War and Peace, but every book deserves a little peace and quiet to help readers fully digest the material – a prospect that’s becoming more and more difficult in today’s hectic world…until now.

Meet Dan Marvin, a writer and book reviewer from central Kentucky. Dan is the author of a fascinating new book called Briefs for the Reading Room, which is not only the culmination of 25 years of Dan’s creative Flash Fiction, it’s also a bathroom reader. That’s right, a book specifically designed to be read in the John, or what I like to call…um…Flush Fiction, the perfect-sized stories to read between flushes.

Made up of 102 short, self-contained stories called micro-novels, Briefs for the Reading Room is a collection of one- to two-page stories in various genres that get the job done without all of the bells and whistles of longer, drawn-out stories. The book also contains tons of extras called Fabricated Factoids and Questionable Quotations that really keep things…er…moving.
Read the full review and interview at LA Books Examiner.

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