Pause for Poetry: A Video Reading by Poet Mat Lloyd


Mat Lloyd by Kati Jackson at LA Books Examiner
Photo by Kati Jackson

This week’s Pause for Poetry focuses on Mat Lloyd’s reading of his poem “This Town” from his first official book of poetry Demo Tape, which was released earlier this year in May.

Mat Lloyd, a performance poet, skateboarder, and activist, is from the South of England where he has been writing and performing his work since he was just 13 years old.
Former winner of Poet Idol and Hammer & Tongue’s Annual Slam, Mat is well known in the UK alternative scene and is often referred to as ‘The Skater Poet’. His work has been described as part social comment part explosive diatribe, but what really caught the attention of the LA Books Examiner was his thoughtful lyrics and creative presentation that really makes him stand out in a suddenly crowded field of spoken-word poets.
With this in mind, let’s all hit the Pause button on our lives for a few minutes and watch this rousing performance of “This Town,” a “rhyme” by Mat Lloyd.

Watch the video now at LA Books Examiner.

Demo Tape by Mat Lloyd is available in the U.S. at To learn more about Mat Lloyd, visit



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