Wrongful Death: an Interview with author Robert Dugoni

Author Robert Dugoni

Author Robert Dugoni

Robert Dugoni, New York Times Best-selling author, has been writing his entire life. Born in Pocatello, Idaho, Dugoni was raised in Burlingame, California, where his dream of being a writer was cemented in the seventh grade.

Dugoni’s love of writing took him to Stanford University where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in journalism before obtaining his doctorate of jurisprudence from the UCLA School of Law.

For 13 years, Dugoni practiced law full-time, but never wavered from his writing dreams. In 1999, he decided to give up his full-time practice and moved to Seattle to write novels.

10 years and 4 novels later, his award-winning books, now published internationally in 17 countries, have established Dugoni as an A-list writer in the crowded Legal Thriller genre. His books include the non-fiction expose, The Cyanide Canary, and three Legal/Political Thrillers, Jury Master, Damage Control, and his latest book Wrongful Death, which many critics are calling his best work yet.

In Wrongful Death, Dugoni brings back fan-favorite attorney David Sloane from Jury Master for the biggest challenge of his legal career: Seeking justice for the wrongful death of a soldier named James Ford, Sloane, a military veteran, uncovers a ruthless conspiracy in a case against the United States Government that is impossible to win.

Wrongful Death is available at www.robertdugoni.com, where you can learn more about Dugoni’s work as a lawyer, writer, and teacher.

I met up with Robert Dugoni recently at The Mystery Bookstore in Westwood, where I had a few questions for him.

Read the full interview with Robert Dugoni.


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