What Would You Do If You Ran the World?

Author Shelly Rachanow

Author Shelly Rachanow

In 2003, Shelly Rachanow, a former attorney in Atlanta, Georgia moved to California to pursue her life-long dream of living by the beach and becoming the kind of writer that truly empowers people. Six years and two successful books later, Shelly’s writing has inspired thousands of people to do more for their families, their friends, their jobs, the world, and especially themselves on their quest to live the life of their dreams.

Shelly’s first book, If Women Ran the World, Sh*t Would Get Done was published in 2006. But don’t be fooled by the title. This is not some hateful diatribe against men. For Shelly, the book is really a positive celebration of the accomplishments of women. In the book, Shelly offers real-life stories, lists of amazing things women do, inspirations, What-if questions, and an interactive section that galvanizes readers to reach for more by writing their own visions for the world.

Published in 2009, Shelly’s second book, What Would You Do If You Ran the World? is the direct result of one of those What-if questions from her first book. Over the last few years, Shelly received so many letters and emails answering this question that she was inspired to write this follow-up to her successful first book, now in its sixth printing, which includes a new Korean translation.

I met up with Shelly Rachanow recently and I had a few questions for her:

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