Pause for Poetry

I recently read an NEA study that shows only 8.3% of Americans read “some poetry”. With this in mind I started a poetry feature on my site each week which shares short video poetry readings.

Past editions have featured Martin Espada, Wanda Coleman, and Joy Harjo, who I will be interviewing next month for my author-interview series.

This week’s Pause for Poetry focuses on the San Pedro River Review, a new poetry and art journal just launched in 2009 by Blue Horse Press in Tucson, Arizona.

Edited and published by Jeffrey C. Alfier and Tobi R. Cogswell, the San Pedro River Review is published twice a year with Spring and Fall issues for only $6 each.

The inaugural Spring Issue features 3 artists and an impressive range of 28 new and established poets, including WD Ehrhart, Barry Spacks, and Wanda VanHoy Smith, three contributors whose work really stood out to me.
Watch videos of these three poets in action.

To learn more about the San Pedro River Review, visit

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4 responses to “Pause for Poetry

  1. severnyproductions

    Interesting poetry videos. Thats given me an inspiration for some new work. Thanks

  2. Digging back in your archives here! I do hope that in time we can boost that figure to over ten percent at least. I’ve been doing some poetry readings on my youtube channel and blog lately, a few original pieces, but mostly favorite poets of mine. Any ideas on how we can spread the the joy, the bug the poetic virus further around the net? A network of people reading, and some relevant presentations might help. I don’t know. I hope you continue this series though.

    • Thanks, man. I will continue the good fight. I don’t know what we can do to make it happen except keep trying, keep sharing, keep writing. I try to go buy poetry books, go to a lot of readings, subscribe to the magazines and do everything I can to create the kind of literary world I want to be a part of. In some small way, I hope I’m helping. Thanks for stopping by, I’ll definitely check out your site and your work.

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